Nov. 7, 2011 (#957)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2011:

Fabian Wankers, Left Arm of Bankers:

"There are Those Who've Lived to See the Degradation
Of Societies, Cultures Destroyed in Every Nation,
There's Been War on the World, It was Declared
By International Socialism, They Dared
To Publish Manifestos, Men Undaunted,
We See Their Success in Survivors Haunted
By Years of Welfare State, Induced Poverty,
Ruled for Generations by an Inbred Minority,
Peasants Poisoned by Water, Injections, Food,
Bioengineered Supposedly for Their Own Good,
Man and Superman, by Fabianist Shaw,
Dumbed-Down Masses Who Obey All Law,
The Hellish Utopia of Masters and Proles,
Masters Well-Educated, Fat, Sell-Outs of Souls,
Not Long Ago "The Knowers" Could Skip Away,
Now the Evil System's World Over, Planning to Stay"
© Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 7th 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios at web site.  Youíll see a whole bunch of sites listed there, the official sites I have.  In fact, thatís all the sites I have; anything outside of that, in any kind, shape or form, isnít actually mine.  Youíll find that you can download the audios from any of those sites if you find sticking on downloads from the .com site because so many folk go into the .com at one time, so you can try these other ones if that happens to you.  And also remember, all of those sites carry the audios and they all carry transcripts for print up, as well, in English, of the talks Iíve given.  And if you want transcripts in other languages go into, which is listed there as well, and youíll find a bunch to choose from.  Help yourselves.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on guests as advertisers.  I donít have shares in the advertising companies or partnerships and so on.  I do it the suicidal way by hoping the public are interested enough into supporting me and just keeping me ticking over.  Because I donít want to start an empire here, just tick over and get by.  Youíll find too that thereís a bunch of disks and audios and books on the web sites.  If you purchase those that will certainly help.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Everythingís gone electronic across the rest of the world.  I think the US is the last country that can still use an international postal money order from the post office.  Everyone else used to do it but then they stopped doing it, because the big bankers, this one world system, wants to keep track of every single person on the planet.  Weíre all slaves now, you understand; thatís part of the reason that theyíre doing this.  So anyway, buy the books and disks and help me keep going. And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome because, as we all know, just looking at the past 20 years or so, a million bucks was a lot of money 20 years ago.  And now itís in the billions.  Now itís even in the trillions, in fact, when it comes to debts and paying off debts, etc from countries.  So they devalue money all the time.  Itís built into it.  Devaluation of your currency is built into this current system.  Because you expect a pay raise every year, plus you expect the prices to go up every year, and so what really happens is they simply deflate your currency until itís like Pesos eventually, or Lira; youíll be paying hundreds and hundreds of Lira for a cup of coffee one day, and thatís not far off for the dollar.  No doubt about it.  Thatís the way it goes, but itís built into the system, as I say, inflation, inflation, inflation. 


And we live in a system of designed slavery, of course.  People donít think of it as slavery.  Thatís because they havenít studied it at all.  They havenít studied the source of money, the creation of money, the creators of money, and even the religion behind it Ė thereís an actual religion of money behind it.† All this stuff about economics, etc, itís nothing more than the religion of those who are in charge Ė and they follow it very, very strictly Ė to make sure that they stay in charge of it.  It takes a lot of belief to believe in money.  Thatís why on the US dollar, you see, it says In God We Trust.  You see.  Nobody asks, what God?  God is a generic term, you understand.  It can be used for any God at any time on the planetís history.  And people donít ask. They all take it for granted; they think itís whatever one they serve.  But itís actually a slavery system of course, and thatís what itís ALWAYS been.  Interestingly enough, Charles Galton Darwin admitted to this. He says, thereís always been a system of slavery Ė meaning thereís always been an elite living off the rest of the peasantry Ė and then he said, we are now in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.  That was in the 1950s when he wrote his book that he said that.  Well youíre in it today and theyíre going into the next step of it, more sophistication, global slavery through bailing out countries across the whole planet. Weíre all in it together.  Oh my!  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  You got to understand too, that societyís been led by the nose for many, many centuries by those who run the money systems.  Itís interesting even when they created the Federal Reserve in the US, really a small clique of bankers drafted up the whole darn thing and had it presented to the President who signed it into law, and that was that. And then that wasnít good enough, you see, now that they run the whole countryís economy and money lending systems, they had to push for another war Ė wars are awfully good for amalgamations for money and bailing folk out. And World War II came along too and then the US was the one who ended up giving Lend-Lease Programs across the whole world, which turned into working through the United Nations with the Overseas Economic Development Funds and corporations.  Every country that signed on had a department of that, that worked directly with the group that eventually was called the International Monetary Fund, the IMF.  And of course, those who set up the IMF said there would be a PART 2 to the IMF:  it will come up to its higher level to basically do the books of the whole world. 


All this pantomime youíre seeing going on, right now, all the pantomime across the world, and across Europe, this crazy bailing them out until theyíre all in the hole you know, trying to save Greece supposedly, is designed by the bankers and to make themselves indispensable yet again and to raise up the European Central Bank as the main bank that weíll all have to accept. Nobody wanted it.  No citizen of any country wanted it, this big central bank, but now itís going to be your savior, you see.  And youíll say, well what else could they do, all the other options were making us broke, and theyíll go ahead with this.† And at the same time the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements comes to the fore, as it was decided over 50 years ago thatís what their job would be, running the whole darn world through their central bank systems across the planet.  So itís a big pantomime.  It really is a big pantomime.  And these boys have brought on the problems, given you the solutions, which strengthens themselves with each step that they take, and this is just another step theyíre going through right now. 


The same with the crashes in the US, the designed crashes actually.  The bubbles could have been kept afloat for years if they wanted to; it was just designed to burst the bubbles at that time to bring you into austerity and to bring America down a few notches in the worldís status financially.  Look whatís happening in Greece, the farce of Greece.  I mean, the last guy, the guy whoís just leaving in fact, as Prime Minister there, the guyís been living abroad more than heís ever lived in Greece.  You have to go into his family history to understand who the man is in the first place.  Very interesting.  Very, very, very interesting going into his history.  Thereís revolutionaries there in his background if you dig deep enough, that came from other countries, that werenít Greeks at all, and intermarried of course, who were all intent on getting the Czar out of Russia.  So go into the histories of these characters.  And when he came over from the States, this guy, this one leaving, he eventually has worked in other central banks before, in other countries, done the usual tour of the London School of Economics and Harvard, etc, and then theyíre flown into Greece, under the Socialist Party. 


Socialism, I always used to be stumped by this, these socialists, that were really communists, didnít follow what you thought was the communist route; they didnít create their own state bank basically and issue their own currency. They always wanted to keep the same banks going and get everybody into debt by making it harder for small businesses, especially, and most businesses to keep going, with high taxations, until theyíre under, and at the same time they create a massive welfare state.  And then they make a massive bureaucracy, so many civil servants, so theyíre top heavy in civil servants. Well, thatís what happened to Greece.  I mean, the one whoís leaving, this Prime Minister whoís leaving, actually, he cut most business by about 80% in the time that he was in, all exports, until they were dependent on borrowing money from abroad, for years.  So that was the way to do it. That was intentional, you see.  And who are they replacing him with?  Well, Papademos is another interesting guy, because you look at his history and look at what heís been involved in, and where heís been living on and off in different countries over the years, and what heís been working for.  Anyway, it really is a pantomime weíre living through.  Itís a stage play.  I hope you realize that. 


Papademos Front-Runner to Lead Greece / Nov 8, 2011


ATHENSóGreece's embattled Socialist government and its main rivals in opposition are converging on naming former European Central Bank Vice President (Alan:  The European Central Bank Vice President... huh?  ...the ones who want to run the whole of Europe.) Lucas Papademos to lead an interim administration, officials from both parties said Monday.


But no deal has yet been reached, as the leader of the country's conservative New Democracy party has refused to name any of its supporters to key ministries. Antonis Samaras fears that putting key people in a cabinet tasked with adopting harsh austerity measures could cost his New Democracy party support in the next elections, officials from his party and Prime Minister George Papandreou's Socialist party said Monday. 


So you have to go into these characters; thereís just more of the same characters actually moving in.  And thatís what the Greeks are complaining of actually, that these guys really in a sense are not really Greek, you know, in a very special sense.  So you have to see that this is how they do things. They bring on the problems, they bankrupt the country by creating the welfare state, massive bureaucracies, they cut down on businesses until the businesses canít function, they start borrowing from abroad and then say, oh dear, weíre in trouble, you know, oh dear, dear.  Itís all planned that way.  And the great savior for the whole of Europe, the ONLY savior theyíve got now for Europe, that they say, is the European Central Bank, this new creation that was designed actually on the drawing board 50-60 years ago, when they said that they would unite Europe.  So anyway, theyíre going exactly as planned, as I say.  Iíll put that link up tonight too and you can read it all for yourself if you really want to. 


Itís interesting what is happening.  And you see now as the European Union flexes its muscle, really on the citizenry, really, because the enemy at the moment is its citizenry across Europe.  The citizens of different countries that are now the European Union are getting told what to do, what to think; theyíre eradicating all their histories through school teaching basically everything from 1950 onwards and nothing before it, you know, and they want a new public relations department, or propaganda department.  Theyíve already got two special ones set up already for special tasks; they want another propaganda department to try and take control of another area theyíre now into.  It says...


Now the Union Jack

(A:  Your flags, they want the flags to be abolished.  They want national anthems to be abolished.  In fact, theyíre fining countries that wonít sing the European Union national anthem.)

 is under attack as EU officials

try to take us closer to a United States of Europe

Senior officials cause outrage by suggesting member states should drop their flags in favour of the EU design

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said this is further evidence of Britain's identity being trampled  / By Mail On Sunday Reporter / 6th November 2011


(A:  Interesting flag too, that, you know.  Theyíve got 12 stars on it, with 5-pointed stars, pentangles, against a blue background, and thatís really taken from a much, much older design Ė itís very Cabalistic actually Ė because the US initially had a circle of stars too, in the corner, with the blue background, but they had 13 on it at that time.  Itís all Cabalistic.  And they wonít go beyond 12 even though theyíve got many more members than 12 members in the EU now.)


It has become traditional for David Cameron to appear at European summits in front of both the Union Jack and the EU emblem to illustrate the Ďdual sovereigntyí between London and Brussels.


But now a senior EU official has caused outrage by appearing to suggest that the national flags of member states should be dropped in favour of the EU design of a circle of stars on a blue background.


Christine Roger, the communications director of the European Council, the EUís governing body, made her comments in a speech to 650 'spin doctors' from local authorities across Europe, including the UK.  (A:  In other words, sheís in charge of a lot of propaganda departments; thatís what Ďcommunicationsí means nowadays.)


She called for a new, dedicated public-relations budget to help Ďsellí the EU as a Ďbrandí (A:  Sell the EU as a brand... this is how itís all done now. They sell whole continents as brand of something, you know.) to its increasingly disenchanted citizens.


The meeting in Brussels last month, which cost taxpayers across the Continent tens of thousands of pounds, came as EU leaders were fighting to contain the eurozone economic crisis.


In her speech, a copy of which has been seen by The Mail on Sunday, Ms Roger Ė a veteran Brussels apparatchik (A:  ...meaning communist.) Ė posed a series of leading questions, including how Europe should be defined. ĎAre we talking about a state-to-be? About a federation?í she asked.


Then, as she flashed up a picture of French President Nicolas Sarkozy standing next to both a French and EU flag, she said: ĎHow much do we believe in ourselves? For how long will we see Heads of State with the European flag alongside the national flag? If we donít believe in ourselves, why should the world outside do so?í


Last night, as Eurosceptic politicians accused her of calling for countries to sacrifice their national identity to promote the EU, Ms Roger insisted that she had been misinterpreted.  (A:  Well, thatís what they always say in PR isnít it?  So anyway, they want to do away with that.  They want to do away with a lot more too, all their currencies; they want them all to be in the Euro. They want them all to be in the Euro Central bank and so on and so on and so on.)


She said: ĎIf member states do not invest enough in the European brand, a proliferation of sub-brands is sure.


So a country is now called a brand.  What are you?  Iím brand X, you know, or Iím brand Y, or whatever.  So thatís what itís come down to now.  Thatís how they talk about us at the top, just a brand.  Itís just like cattle isnít it? where you brand the cattle?  Youíre just a brand, depending on the country you come from, and who owns you.


And a good article here is about sexualization of children and it says...


Drug Companies Are Sexualizing Our Kids! / Christina England / November 1st, 2011


Recently, there has been a vast amount of media coverage exposing many leading stores sexualizing children through the marketing of inappropriate clothing. (A:  ...never mind all the TV and stuff like that, and their education in school.)  Mini skirts, crop tops, and sexy under-wear for primary school children (A:  Thatís children under 12.), even high heels for toddlers fill the shelves, leaving parents shocked and outraged.  (A:  And I donít really believe that anymore.  See, every generation has been degenerated step by step until theyíre not really shocked at all about it.  Back with more after this break on this topic.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about this article thatís quite good actually, on children being sexualized basically through advertising, never mind the school system, which is actually promoting early sex, very early sex in fact, even prepubertal sex, as guys like Bertrand Russell said they should be, because they hoped eventually to ensure that nobody would bond with anybody else for life and have no children. That was part of the plan, and itís worked awfully well actually.  Anyway, this article goes on to say that...


One little girl Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise, is often seen teetering around in high heels whilst wearing bright red lip gloss at the tender age of five. In fact this very young child even has her own Ďfashion blogí, showing interested readers her vast array of tiny high heels whilst sharing her latest fashion tips.


Whilst many parents appear outraged by this seemingly blatant sexploitation of such a young child and are sharing their feelings of disgust on various blogs around the internet, the same emotion evades parents completely when it comes to vaccination. Parents are only too happy to have their little darlings vaccinated with the latest must have vaccine for sexually transmitted diseases and happily sign consent forms without giving it a second thought.


Why is it, that there is not the same level of disgust and outrage when drug companies recommend children from birth vaccinations for sexual diseases? Donít American parents realize that the government has mandated a vaccination for a venereal disease at birth?


In fact Dr Judith Reisman goes as far as to say these vaccines are little more than Ďcondoms in the veinsí.  (A:  Sheís very good, Judith Reisman.  Sheís got GOOD stuff out there on a lot of the nonsense that was taught about the Kinsey Institute.  She goes into the reality of him, hiring perverts to molest little children and time their little exploitations with the children, all that kind of stuff, and they call it science, and fudge all his statistics by using nothing more than male and female prostitutes and then trying to tell the people that these were just the average people on the street.  It was all nonsense, all fixed.  It was to change society, which it really did change society.  Youíve got to understand, societyís changed by creating heroes or elevating people up in the name of science especially, to the top, whether itís a Darwin or anybody else, or Kinsey, itís the same result.  It was to change the sexual morality of society in general, and it was awfully successful, and done at exactly the right time too.  Judith Reisman has got great videos up exposing the crimes that the Kinsey Institute went through to obtain their so-called results, which were all fudged.)


The US government insists that children are vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine on the day that they are born. (A: On the DAY theyíre born!) Hepatitis B is a STD or SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE therefore, it is highly unlikely that a tiny baby is going to come into contact with this disease unless they have shared needles, had sex with an infected person or has received contaminated blood.


This being the case, the only possible way that a newborn baby can get Hepatitis B is by having an infected mother give birth to them. So why is the US government insistent that all babies are vaccinated? (A:  They know whoís infected and whoís not.)  Why do they not simply identify pregnant mothers who have the disease and vaccinate just those babies? Or better still not give this highly toxic and dangerous vaccination at all?  (A:  You understand, the whole premise is based on the fact that they introduce this poison into your bloodstream and your immune system will find a way to conquer it; itís supposed to be weakened to an extent, and your immune system will compensate. Well, a babyís immune system isnít working so that throws that whole theory out the water; itís too early to work like that.)


Dr Reisman is clearly disgusted by what she sees and states:


ďJust look at child vaccines. The more pornography and sexology increase juvenile sexual activity, the more big pharma can step in with an Hepatitis B vaccine for infants. HepB is a sexually transmitted disease, and there is no reason to give the vaccine to babies. But big pharma has been making a fortune on it ever since states have begun mandating that all of our little darlings, with their wee tiny hearts and lungs and no immune system functioning, be shot up with it (and recently small girls with Human Papilloma Virus, HPV vaccines) all in the name of protecting them. What we donít want to do is turn off the pornography flood (no administration has chosen to do that) (A:  And they never will, by the way, because theyíre run by the same people that run pharma.) because it fuels so many other things. And in the wings are vaccines for syphilis and gonorrhea and a whole host of other sexually transmitted diseases.Ē


She is a strong lady with powerful views and I believe she is correct in her assumptions.


At the ages of nine through twelve, young girls and boys are now recommended the HPV vaccine. Once again this vaccine, according to the manufacturers Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, is for an STD which has been said to cause cervical cancer. I say Ďsaid to cause cervical cancerí, as there appears to be very little evidence available to support this theory.


Dr Sin Hang Lee who now works with the group Sane Vax (A:  ...another pharma I guess.) says:



The current type-specific HPV vaccines have claimed to be almost 100% effective against infection by HPV-16 and HPV-18, and perhaps also against HPV-31 and HPV-45 infections. However, we do not know if these four HPV types are the most prevalent carcinogenic HPV genotypes in the US. According to two published reports Ė one by the CDC, HPV-52 not HPV-16 or HPV-18 was found to be the most prevalent ďcarcinogenicĒ genotype infecting young American women.


It is not transient HPV infections, but a persistent high-risk HPV infection that may initiate cervical cancerÖ Therefore, it is the persistent infection, not the virus that determines cervical cancer risk. 

Dr. Sin Hang Lee -Pathologist, Milford Hospital - Director, Milford Medical Laboratory, Milford, CT


(A:  In other words, the longer you have it there, giving you a low-grade inflammation, thatís when you tend to get cellular changes basically; itís persistent.  The thing is too, that really gets me, is that theyíve had deaths already with young girls with this new vaccine against so-called venereal warts and theyíve found the warts in the bloodstream.  The old normal kinds donít go into the bloodstream; it stays in the skin and the tissue.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember, all these articles I read I generally put the links up at the end of the evening at  And itís a good one to read, with Judith Reisman.  It goes on and on about how societyís been totally changed, how the educational system is meant to promote sex, which actually it is.  But itís no secret amongst the ones who designed this phase of society and the culture.  They all wrote books about it many, many, many moons ago and itís all coming to pass.  Destruction of the family unit, hyper-sexualization of children, and no bonding throughout their life, and hopefully no children as far as the big boys are concerned.  And itís worked awfully well. 


And weíre being tampered with.  Weíre being genetically modified, you see. Because when they put these things into your bloodstream, especially viruses, they can actually detect these viruses all through your life, from the labs, the laboratories can actually identify which labs they came from by looking at your tissue and where they embed themselves and what theyíve done to your tissue as well.  So youíre being modified all the time.  And itís too long to go through all the stuff on genetic modification of not just plants and animals but humans as well.  Itís also part of the agenda of course. And we get dumbed down and people become sterile very early in age now; itís dropping all the time.  And thatís also part of the agenda.  And because weíre dumbed down no one cares about it.  You know, weíre in Idiocracy-land, and thatís where we are today, by design.  Naturally thatís a great phase to be if youíre a ruler, who have never had any of this rubbish stuck into your veins, and youíve eaten REAL food your whole life, stuff that most folk canít afford. 


Now, hereís another article here.  Itís going on and on and on. 


Almost Human? GMO Brown Rice Contains Blood Protein / November 5th, 2011/ Jill Ettinger


Human serum albuminóa blood proteinóhas been added to genetically modified brown rice by researchers in a new study conducted at the Yang He and Daichang Yang at Wuhan University in China, and published in the recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.


Recombinant HSA proteins were introduced into the brown rice using Agrobacterium (a Gram-negative bacteria known for its ability to transfer DNA to other cells and plants) and wound up with nine plant species that could breed the GMO rice containing the blood protein. (A:  Now, they give their excuse too, that itís going to help folk who are anemic.)  Test subjects with liver damage showed improved results after being fed the rice, confirming that the HSA was effectively present and capable of being extracted in ďan efficient manner,Ē resulting in nearly half of the plantís protein creating 2.75 grams of HSA from one kilogram of rice.  (A:  So thatís your PR promotion sales for them doing this.)


The human liver naturally produces HSA, but people can require more in the case of some fairly serious conditions. Including creating human blood plasma, HSA is used in managing cirrhosis of the liver, hemorrhagic shock, burn treatment, and it is found in a number of drug and vaccine tests. 


So now theyíve tampered with that.  Thatís not the first time theyíve tampered with the rice because I think the Rockefeller Foundation created Golden Rice; that was to feed the whole third world they said, years ago.  At that time too, the World Health Organization shortly afterwards came out with an article on the study of it and it said that it also seemed to have good properties for creating infertility especially in men.  How is that folks, eh?† Ah, but most folk donít mind; theyíre too busy playing themselves and having fun on the net and stuff, and just, you know, going along with the latest trend.  They all follow trends.  They donít even realize that the stuff that theyíre supposed to follow, even demonstrations by the way, are all trended for them by professional trenders.  I guess everybody wants to be trendy.


Now, the London School of Economics, where both these Greek leaders, the one thatís leaving and the one who is going in, before they became members of central banking systems, the new one actually in Greece was also a member of the US Federal Reserve, as I say, for the Boston Branch, and now heís over there too.  So, they pass their own boys around to take over, eh?  And you think itís armies that just take over.  Anyway it says...


LSE in row over links to new Libyan government / Tom Harper / 4 Nov 2011


(A:  Now, most of these ideas for the new world order through the banking system, come from the London School of Economics.  Thatís why it was set up.  Thatís what it was set up to do, to work with this creation of the IMF and promote that throughout all the nations and to train the guys who would become the heads of all central banking systems.)


The London School of Economics is facing fresh criticism, this time over its links to the new Libyan government.


The university was embarrassed this year when it emerged it had accepted a £1.5 million donation from Colonel Gaddafi's son, Saif, 39, who is on the run suspected of war crimes. He was also awarded a PhD by the LSE, but his "dodgy" thesis is being investigated over claims of plagiarism and ghostwriting. (A:  Well they all do that.)  LSE director Sir Harold Davies stepped down after admitting "errors of judgment" over the university's links with Libya.  (A:  Everybody was on the take from Libya before they decided to bomb it.  I mean, Tony Blairís over there for JP Morgan and getting paid by the British government for, you know, keeping the peace and all that, and there he is making private deals to sell them all this kind of...  thereís France sold them all the weaponry the year before they bombed them.)


Following the end of Colonel Gaddafi's 42-year regime, it has emerged the university was in talks with the new Libyan administration - which has also been accused of atrocities.


Mahmoud Jibril, who was interim prime minister of the rebel government, has held discussions with senior LSE officials over possible training of civil servants in post-Gaddafi Libya. But human rights groups in the country claim the rebels have committed extra-judicial killings and tortured prisoners.  (A:  In other words, theyíre slaughtering their way along the road, you know.)


Jibril was forced to resign at the end of last month after claims he tried to install friends and relatives to senior positions (A:  Itís just like every other country, isnít it?) in the rebel government and retain the post of prime minister and foreign secretary for himself.


Now, the new administration has been taken over by anti-democratic Islamist elements who proclaimed "Islamic Sharia as the source of legislation, therefore any law that contradicts the principles of Islam is legally nullified". Its new leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has also announced plans to encourage polygamy.  (A:  I guess thatís to get the population back up, because theyíve got a lot to slaughter still yet on the go.)


A spokesman for Amnesty International said: "The LSE has a responsibility to avoid being in any way complicit in human rights abuses occurring under the new government. After their involvement with Saif Gaddafi the LSE will surely want to be doubly careful that its dealings with Libya's new rulers do not involve any support for those who have committed atrocities." 


No.  All it means is that theyíll be more careful and quiet and use subterfuge to get the cash to them, you know.  Thatís all itíll be.  Or cash from them, I should really say. And thatís how things really work, isnít it?  Nothing is what it seems to be, you know.  Nothing is what it seems to be. Weíre so well trained into thinking anything thatís official, simply because it exists and says itís official, must be awfully honest.  And thereís nothing honest out there in any one of these systems.  Theyíre all designed to bring in world government one way or another, and eventually depopulation, big time.  And theyíve been at that for a long time too, depopulation through genetically engineering you, injecting you with, really, biowarfare chemicals and viruses, and then making sure that you get it in the food as well until literally youíre sterile before youíre 40, and a lot of guys are.  A lot of guys are sterile in their 20s, as far as functional sperm go.  And no one cares.  Thereís no crisis over it because, you see, thereís no crisis because the handlers who manage the world designed that to happen.  If they hadnít, believe you me, theyíd be right in there because theyíre control freaks and they want to make sure whatever happens itís them that did it.  And thatís just the way the world really is. 


Now, MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network, says....


AIPAC's "War With Iran" Bill Passes House Committee / MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network / 11/3/11


Wasting no time after its success in getting the administration to oppose Palestinian statehood at the United Nations, and still celebrating the UNESCO funding cut-off, AIPAC has returned to its #1 priority: pushing for war with Iran.


The Israelis have, of course, played their own part in the big show. In the last few weeks, it has been sending out signals that it is getting ready to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities (and embroil the United States in its most calamitous Middle East war yet).


But most observers do not believe an Israeli attack is imminent. (If it was, would Israel telegraph it in advance?) (A: Well, itís true.  Israel doesnít tell the world.  It doesnít care what the world thinks; they just do things.) The point of the Israeli threats is to get the United States and the world community to increase pressure on Iran with the justification that unless it does, Israel will attack. 


Actually what they want to do is to get America to do it for them. Thatís what they wanted to do.  Thatís the real reason for it, because the New American Century had the whole list of countries Ė in the 90s Ė that they wanted to take over and push out of the way.  And Obamaís taken over from Rumsfeld; Rumsfeld even congratulated him for carrying on the same agenda, with the same list obviously.  And now that the US troops are all over there, I mean, itís either they go into Syria now or Iran.  And Syria will be a pushover as far as theyíre concerned; itís already disintegrating with internal conflict with all the agents that have been put in there over the years to stir up trouble, and soft power too.  So now theyíre getting them to focus on just getting Iran out of the way.  So this is quite a good article, some good info on it.  Iíll put this link up as well, because AIPACís one of the most powerful organizations in the whole of the US.  Itís an Israel-first basically, amongst Congressmen. 


And another article here too, is now Italy.  It says...


Italian borrowing costs hit new record in debt crisis

ē Yield on 10-year Italian bonds hits 6.66%

Alex Hawkes / / 7 November 2011


Italy was dragged deeper into Europe's debt crisis on Monday as its borrowing costs soared to their highest level since the euro was created.  (A:  Well you see, each time these fake companies downgrade you, these self-appointed gurus like Moodyís and so on downgrade you, then their banks, you see, the big banks, their cousins, can then give you more interest, a higher interest to pay back.  So naturally this is what happens to you.)


The yield, or interest rate, on 10-year Italian bonds leapt to 6.66% on Monday, as Silvio Berlusconi's government prepared for a key vote on the country's public finances on Tuesday. Analysts warned that Italian yields were now approaching the "danger area" where a bailout looks a real risk.


Stock markets around Europe fell sharply, amid concern that the debt deal hammered out in Brussels less than two weeks ago will not fix the crisis. 


Well itís not really meant to.  Itís meant to go deeper, until weíre all...  Itís like being on the precipice, you know, of a movie, will the hero survive, will he die, get killed by the bad guy, the shadow, you know.  And this is all it is because itís a big stage play to terrify the public across the whole country Ė all these brands now they call them; theyíre all brands, you know.  What brand are you?  Oh, Iím from Britain, yeah.  And it means youíre a slave really.  But this is the system and these are the techniques which they use.  And theyíll get their way.  Believe you me, theyíll get their way.  Theyíll get exactly what they want.  In fact, Iíve lived a long enough life to watch all these techniques used.  Iíve read all their books, and the old ones too, to know that they always create the crisis to get the next part of their OWN agenda through.  And theyíve always been successful.  Always.  Often they get the public to help them, by protesting stuff.  You think youíre protesting for the right reasons; sometimes you are.  Most arenít.  Because the same guys have always been in charge and they just simply bring in a better system, which theyíre still in charge of, that gives them more power. 


And an article from 2006.  Iíve mentioned this before, about eugenics is a BIG thing with the new world order crew, the internationalists, the elite.  Of course, Iíve gone through a lot of the history of genetics in past talks; youíll find them in archives section.  Because back in the 1920s, even before that, they were talking about a Ďpoverty gene.í† You know, you had no hope, you were condemned because basically you obviously had a Ďpoverty geneí because you come from a poor family.  And thatís why they started sterilizing people in the US under the Rockefeller grant money, and they had Cold Spring Harbor and all the rest of it going on at the same time.  And they were doing that up until about the 1970s in some states in the US.  Just, yep, you have a poverty gene, that was it. 


Doomed to failure by 'poverty gene' / 20 May 2006 (A:  2006, right.)


SCOTTISH scientists have discovered a "poverty gene" which causes people from deprived areas to age rapidly, pass on health problems to the next generation and might even explain negative attitudes to employment.


Research in Glasgow has established that deprivation can lead to an overactive immune system which quickly uses up the body's supply of spare cells needed to keep ageing at bay. It means a typical 55-year-old from the city's East End might have a "biological age" closer to 70.


Centuries of natural selection among poor communities mean those with highly active immune systems are more likely to pass their genes on, condemning the next generation to grow old before their time.  (A:  Maybe itís because theyíve had special batches of inoculations.  You ever thought about that?  You know the private schools get different batches than the ones they put out in the public schools; the same in the States, the same in Canada.  And they even get choices if they want to take them or not.  Where if youíre just a little Joe Schmo at the bottom you just take the injections; when the teachers close the door and you canít get out until you get your injection; you just take what they give you.  They donít even have to tell you what youíre getting, you know.)


Centuries of natural selection (A:  They believe...) among poor communities mean those with highly active immune systems are more likely to pass their genes on, condemning the next generation to grow old before their time. 


Most astonishing of all, it is suspected that a hyperactive immune system floods the brain with a cocktail of chemicals which suppress the natural desire for self-advancement.   (A: See, all these theories, itís like all this rubbish about evolution that youíre always reading.  Not too long ago they came out with one, theyíd found another monkey somewhere and this was the one, this is the one, itís much older than the rest of the monkeys, and we all came from this monkey.  I think it was in China or somewhere.  And they keep coming out with these incredible declarations, so they can get some Nobel Prize or something, for a theory.  In other words, a theoryís a beautiful thing, especially when you canít prove it.  Isnít it?  Itís wonderful.  [Alan laughing.]  I mean, nobody can prove it or disprove it.  eh?  Itís kind of like religion, and all the religions put together, prove it, you know.  Oooh, well, aaah.  Anyway...)


The study, by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, is the first time the full extent of the link between health, genetics and poverty has been looked at scientifically. (A:  Itís not; itís absolute, absolute rubbish.  Theyíre repeating the stuff that the society back in the 1920s for the perfect American citizenry, the good perfect families, the genetic families, were using back then, exactly the same stuff.  Go into my archives and youíll find all the old stuff on that.)  The findings have been seized upon by health campaigners as evidence that poverty is not simply the result of idleness and that more resources should be ploughed into tackling health inequality to break the cycle of deprivation.


So it also tells you, if they go on this route, you see, WHO will they eliminate first?  Hmm?  Now you couple that with financial crisis, and oh, massive welfare states, and oh, who are they going to take out first, eh?  Who should get sterilized first?  Tell me.  Go on.  Can you think?  [Alan chuckles.] Maybe you canít.  I donít know. 


Associations with early-life socio-economic position in adult DNA methylation -


Poverty leaves its mark on DNA, researchers find - / Oct 28, 2011


And the EU too, the Economic Union, this big soviet parliament thatís so secret that you donít even know at the top who the people are.  And thatís a fact.  They donít tell you who the ones at the top are.   The ones at the bottom yell at each other and put on a show for their countries back home, the European parliamentarians, but they canít pass laws or change laws; theyíre pretty well neutered.  The guys at the top, these shadow guys that you donít even see, the character that makes the shadow, they pass the laws and you just follow it, just like the Soviet Union.  And ex-Soviet people have come out and said that, this is worse than the Soviet Union


Million drivers face losing licence under EU diabetes diktat /  Jenny Hope / 22nd August 2011


Up to one million people with diabetes could lose their driving licences because of harsh new European rules classifying them as unfit to drive.  (A:  Just like that, overnight, boomf.)


Experts (A:  You know, those special guys with white coats and stuff.) claim the Ďunnecessarily strictí changes will affect hundreds of thousands who have been driving for decades without problems.


They say the rules amount to a blanket ban on diabetics taking insulin who occasionally have Ďhyposí Ė episodes of hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, which may cause blackouts if not countered with a sugary snack.  (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and this hour always flies by; itís a bit short.  Thereís Daniel in the UK there; are you there Daniel, on the lines?


Daniel:  Yeah, how do we know... do you think North Korea and Iran are genuinely rouge states?  You know, they always used to say China and Russia were enemies and all this, but the people at the very top were always in charge.


Alan:  You got to understand thereís a con going along all the time.  If you take the United Nations, they had written up a charter and they had made a deal with what was called the Warsaw Pact countries, which was their version of NATO, and their opposition were the NATO countries.  So literally, the UN designed them, made them sign an agreement, and now the United Nations was a referee; neither side could make a move on the other without permission of the United Nations.  So the whole thing was a farce.  And at the same time, any country that pulls out of the agreement with the United Nations is then labeled a rogue nation.  By the same token, any monstrous country can be made a member, even if they havenít signed it, by the United Nations just saying so.  So they can get a rogue nation and put in a worse guy than the last one and call it, you know... so now itís on track with them, itís all on track, on board with them.  North Korea, of course, can welter away until it starves itself to death and then eat each other like they had the last time, not long ago in fact.  And so North Korea can easily, quite easily be brought down over a period of time from sources without and even infiltration within, so theyíre not too worried about North Korea right now, and apart from that Chinaís watching it like a hawk all the time.  So forget that.  But rogue nation-states, as I say, are the ones who generally go along with the United Nations, they go and make the mistake of signing their name and agreeing with the UN on the Charter and then if they go off and something isnít suiting them Ė they say we donít want to belong with you anymore, we want nothing to do with you, Iím not playing with you anymore, so there Ė then theyíre classified as a rogue state.


Daniel:  Yeah.  I see, because I mean, North Korea, really, Iím surprised theyíre bothered, because is not that the sort of model that they want us all to be living by, really, at some time?


Alan:  Itís a mixture of North Korea and China.  China is the model state for the world. And their top economist just came out and said that they canít stand the rest of Europe and so on, the welfare states, the bums, you know.  Thatís what the guy says, theyíre bums, theyíre lazy.  In other words, if they got in charge of us all, or when itís time for them to be in charge of us all, theyíll scrap the welfare system and have us all working like they do in China.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Well now I see.  And Iran, you think Iran also is a genuine thorn in their side and thatís why they...


Alan:  Any Moslem countryís going to get smashed.  Really, thatís what I think.  Thatís part of the agenda.  They donít mind having Moslem countries that are constantly fighting amongst themselves, so thereís no real power in charge of the country, no central authority.  They donít mind that.  Kissinger wanted that in fact.  From every country theyíve gone into theyíve made sure that there are so many factions fighting each other, now theyíre disabled basically; theyíre no threat to anybody.  And the only country thatís been allowed to survive there, from the beginning of course, is Israel; thatís their best ally, because theyíve all signed agreements with Israel, and have said so, theyíre their best ally.  No one else will be allowed to have any kind of power in that whole region, and thatís the simple agenda.  Simple as that.  The UN through NATO, its military wing, attacked Libya and Gaddafi gave a speech about them breaking their own charter.  Theyíre not allowed to do that to members who followed all the rules.  But they can do whatever they want, canít they?  They can do whatever they want.


Sorry for the rest; there was Lee from New York, John from Miami and Mark from Texas.  Maybe phone in tomorrow. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And remember, help donate and so on and maybe Iíll keep on going for a little while yet. 



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